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How long does it take?

A typical drawing session takes 4 hours... But it depends on the project, size, medium, etc. A sketch takes from 10 to 50 minutes; but it's fun to do more than one! But then the availibility of the model is also another factor. So, basically, it's a joint decision between the model and the artist.

What to wear (or not to wear)?

Partial of full nudity is ok but it is not a requirement ! It's up to the model to fix her boundaries. The importance is presence. I also love beautiful clothes ! For pencil sketches, pale clothes are preferable, and outrageously colourful ones for pastels or watercolors. Jewels, tatoos and accessories are nice to draw too.

Where and When?

I am quite available these days as I work part-time from home. I like starting around noon (for the light of the day) and I usually do drawing sessions at home, or sometimes at the model's place, if it is more convenient that way (Basically, I only need to bring a sketch pad, along with pencil, pen or brush.).

What do you get out of it?

I make a distinction between "portrait" and "figure" drawing, but in both cases the works produced are scanned and sent in jpg format to the model's email account. As for payment, since figure drawing implies partial or full nudity, I pay 25$ per hour of posing. In the case of portrait (where the model keeps her clothes on) I do not pay anything and the only compensation is the scanned portrait. Of course, if the model is interested in acquiring the original portrait, a preferred price will be offered.

Important notes:

I always meet models first, in a neutral public space, like a Second Cup or a Starbucks café. It allows both the model and me to gage each other's seriousness and motives. (the Internet IS a jungle indeed!)

I have been exhibiting in the past and will do so again! I also post the works I produce on this website, so a model has to expect her portrait to be "broadcasted"... In fact, your portrait could very well end-up on a gallery wall!

Models have to be 18 or older.

Thanks for considering posing for me!

If you are serious and interested, please consult the Contact Me page for my email address.

Enjoy your visit and hope to hear from you !

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